Hey, y’all!  This month, on January 18th, will be the 7th anniversary of when I started my first webcomic.  For almost all 7 years, I’ve been working on my old computer, Marten, and it’s come time to replace him.  So I’m hoping to raise the funds I need to do that!

How to Help:

All the funds generated by my advertisements, store sales, IndyPlanet Sales, and donations will go straight into the New Computer Fund.  I’m also pledging 50% of my profits from Ohayocon to the pot as well, so we should be able to reach my goal of $800 in short order.

What Does this Mean for the Comic?

For one, I’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently on a machine with adequate RAM.  For the folks who used to read Garanos, you’ll remember that I used to do live video streaming of making the comic, which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time since my computer can’t handle it.  With the new computer, I’ll be able to broadcast again, and share my creative process with you while being more engaged with my readers.

I’m also going to be starting a brand new comic series in the coming months, and a better computer will mean a better final product.

So please spread the word!  And here’s to a kickass start to 2012.

You can check the fundraiser’s progress HERE!