Dammit, I am not ready for June to be over.  I have way too much crap to do in July! *fret fret*

This coming weekend, you can see some of my artwork for sale at InConJunction in Indianapolis!  This year, I’ve resolved to start doing more convention art shows, since the financial investment is pretty low and I don’t have to be there in person.  I had a pretty decent showing at Marcon in May, so I’m optimistic about this venture.

Next weekend (holy crap, it really is next weekend panic panic) I’ll be at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT in the Artist Alley.  I’ll be joined by a ton of my other comics friends, many of whom can be found in the links list in my left sidebar over there.  I’ll have copies of Garanos Volume 3 for sale, so you will be able to get them all together at once for the first time ever!

The weekend after THAT, I’ll be in Perrysburg, Ohio for Glass City Con! This is a second-year, free anime convention at Owens Community College, and I just happen to be a guest, as well as the convention artist for this one.  I’ll have a Photoshop panel on Sunday morning if you can make it out.

And after that, I have a few weeks off until my next show. ^_^;

As always, my convention schedule can be found over at my website, too.