While discussing the making of this comic:

Me: I was thinking it would be funny just to have you sitting on my shoulders and we’re both posing excitedly, even if it doesn’t make sense from a mechanical standpoint.
Chris: I could curl up into a head.  I did have a Headmaster toy as a kid.
Me: Maybe you could posture your arms around my head like a helmet?
Chris: Well, I’d basically be engulfing your head with my whole body like a helmet.
Chris: Of course, in a modern egalitarian relationship, we’d take turns forming the  head.
Alex: Of course.

Thanks to all who answered my calls for suggestions on this onomatopoeia for the transforming sound across varied social media platforms!  I almost went with the SFX used in one of the Transformers comics (whrr tschzz tschzz tschzz chk) but then my friend Thorn submitted the above for consideration.  Thorn has been previously seen in Alex’s Guide in the Unicode comic. ^_^

Honorable Mentions:

  1. chee-cooo-che-cho-cheee-cho-chick (Talcott)
  2. nnwerrrrr kerchunk vwerrrr clunk (Genevieve)
  3. mee-murh-murp-me-meep… ? (Marlene)
  4. shooom-cha-chunk (Jen)
  5. curk-chak-cherk (Josh)
  6. Khoo-chu-chu-chu-chu-choo!  (Impshum)
  7. /////////////// (Rogers)
  9. woo wah wah wha wit wha whit! (Matthew)
  10. Vers! Verr, vurr, vurp, vurm (Alex)
  11. <hold nose, robot voice> ee-aa-uu-oo-uh (Mike)
  12. wooork waak wiik wiik wIIk (Kymera)
  13. If it’s anything like my transformation when I get out of bed in the morning, it’s: yurgh-creak-crack-pop-OWwwwww (Don)
  14. CHIK CHAK CHAK (Nate)

If it hadn’t been for you, my faithful friends and readers, I probably would have done something like “VERP VERP VERP VERP.”