Yes.  Yes he is.

I like doing these little comment comics. :D

Well, folks, I was GOING to do a comic about Susan and falcons, but instead, this exchange happened around 10 o’clock last night.  The falcons will have to wait until another day.  Estrada Claus trumps all in his wake, bringing webcomics to the good little girls and boys all over the world.

I’ve made it into the third round of the TGT Tournament!!  This is awesome.  Thank you to everyone who has been voting the last two weeks.  Keep it up, everyone!  Woody After Hours, my opponent for round 3, is already putting up a hefty resistance to my awesomeness! ^_^

(I’d love for Ryan to see this, so if you can, send him the link! I’m a bit too shy to do it myself.)