And that was November 14th, 2006, as documented on my LiveJournal.

Here’s a picture of the sculpture I was making!  It’s made out of a barstool, an adding machine, a sewing machine, a couple broken stereos, and about 400 feet of wire.  I scrapped the piece after the art show it was in, but I still have the microcontroller that controlled the LEDs. I should probably sell it to someone who’s going to put it to use… ^_^;;

Robotics Sculpture

I’m back from Cincy, which was a pretty cool convention.  Real laid back and friendly!  There were LOTS of little kids there, which was nice to see.  My ponies were like a freaking magnet all day, too. ^_^ While I missed out on Intervention by checking out this convention this year, I’m hoping that they’ll be on different weekends next year, so I can go to both!

That’s my last convention for 2011, so I’ll see you guys at Ohayocon in January!  You can head over to my conventions page for the list of shows I’m looking into for 2012.  (I’m already amassing a gigantic list…. yikes.)