Howdy, folks!  It’s been awhile.  With DepressionComix! wrapping up here shortly, I’m looking ahead to the rest of my 2015, and I want Alex’s Guide to be a part of it.

And with that said, I’ve set up a Patreon page for AG.

If you’re interested in getting more comics here, and more frequently, Patreon is going to help me do that.  There’s no obligation, and no pressure on you folks– the comic will always be free to read here.  But if you’d like to directly support AG, it’s there!

I’ve got a page for The Hues on Patreon already, but it didn’t really seem fair to smush the two comics (which are very different and have very different audiences) together into one thing, when one of those things take such a dramatically longer time for me to produce than the other.  So I figure The Hues is going to be my monthly campaign, since it’s my primary project, and AG’s campaign will be the side one that goes update-to-update as I find/make time for it. And if no one bites, then it’s not a big deal!  I’ll figure something else out. ;)

In Other News

I recently got hired as the colorist for Evil Inc! How bananas is that?! I’m really enjoying myself, so go check out EI for my colory goodness five days a week.

The Hues Volume 1

Preorders for the first TH book are underway!


This Saturday, I’m going to TAGfest in Toledo.  I’ll be at Dealer’s Room booth 01, so come say hi and we’ll high five or something. :D

tagfest_2015 map